Thing 6: Curation Tools

Pinterest is one tool that has helped me my first year of teaching. Before, it was a personal network, but I have found ways to make it part of my professional social-network circle.

Being a teacher-librarian, I need to do a little bit of everything. Bulletin boards, PR for events and programs, promote reading and literature, etc. I have used Pinterest to gather ideas for displays and bulletin boards, events/programs and how to change the physical space of my library.

But, I want to take Pinterest-using one step further. I want to make it student-centered. I want to create a kick-butt summer reading program. Instead of simply a brochure for books to select for summer reading, I want to create a board for each grade level to post pins of books. As part of a summer project and incentive, students will make a board starting the following school year to showcase favorite books read.

Also, rubber-band bracelet-making and beading has become popular at my school. Why not take photos of pieces students have created and put on Pinterest? Why not take photos of step-by-step instructions and make a board for that on Pinterest, as well.


3 thoughts on “Thing 6: Curation Tools

      • It’s a challenge to link to catalogs. You need to find a permalink for the book, sometimes called “deep linking” The formats vary by vendor, often involve an ISBN search or some other sort of code. Ask your vendor, once you have the format, then it’s easy to do (but tedious!)

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