Literacy & Reading

Section 2.A: Literature

  • Exploration of Genres: Fantasy genre characteristics and annotated bibliography for middle-school students interested in fantasy

Section 2.B: Reading Promotion

  • Booktalks: Fantasy booktalks prepared for high-school students
  • LeMoyne Elementary Scholastic Book Fair: At LeMoyne Elementary, a K-5 school in the city of Syracuse, I helped coordinate and produce a Scholastic Book Fair for students

Section 2.C: Respect for Diversity

  • Collection Development: Weeded short-story collection at West Genesee High School during secondary practicum. Recommended new short stories to add to the current collection that promoted cultural, social and linguistic needs

Section 2.D: Literacy Strategies

  • Creative Programming Across the Year: Developed innovative and engaging library programs to promote literacy and sense of community among middle-school students
  • During a summer residency poster session, my group and I created the Cocoa Commons, which served as a cafe space in the library for students to write poetry or short stories and read for pleasure



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