Blogging Challenge: Day 2

After a weekend of moving into a new apartment, I’m ready to go head-first to finish the school year. Today was an exception to the schedule. We had a half-day department meeting, then went on a field trip to the Fayetteville Free Library. 

Usually, we have a one-hour department meeting once a month, but nothing seems to become accomplished in that short time. With the half-day, it was nice to collaborate and have real discussions about SLOs, database orders for 2014-15, recap of storytelling, social networking in the library, programs for next year and so much more. 

At the FFL, we received a tour of the library, specifically the makerspaces the library offers to patrons. We are implementing makerspaces in September 2014 in our libraries, and we gathered so many ideas to implement.

One I liked included a story wall. You take a huge piece of paper and start a story. Each person adds a part to the story on the wall. I love how this activity includes creative-writing and thinking skills. 

After so much testing, proctoring and end-of-the year assessments, it was rejuvenating to communicate and collaborate with my colleagues today. This day gave me the optimism to finish the year strong and to prepare for next year. 


Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Recently, I’ve seen many peers begin a 30-day blogging challenge. Wanting to document the last month of my first year, why not start now? I hope this way will be a good way to reflect on the last month of school before summer vacation hits.

I cannot think of a particular topic for the first post, but people always ask: “What do you do all day?” So, here is a breakdown of a typical Tuesday:

7:15-8:15: Continue to weed through non-fiction collection. Delete materials from catalog

8:15-9: Set up for testing in the morning, hall duty, answer some emails, take books down from a display in the hall

9-10: Tech support for STAR, squeeze in two mini-meetings with teachers about projects

10-10:30: Lesson with UPK

10:30-11: Clean up from UPK, pull books for a teacher, set up for SRI

11-11:45: Tech support for 4th Grade SRI

11:45-12:30: Planning, lunch and helping some kids in the library with questions about citations

12:30-3:10: Lessons for K-3 back-to-back, plus open book exchange

3:10-3:40: Call buses with special-area team

3:40-4: Catch up on some email, prepare papers for next day

What Do You Do With A Professional Collection?

One of my goals this summer is to weed the professional collection. We have about 600 books, binders and textbooks in this collection. Looking at the statistics for this collection, hardly anything has been checked out in years. There are old curriculum binders, educational strategies from the 70s. It looks like a lot of graduate-school textbooks are in the collection, as well.

I started to think. Where are teachers getting ideas to improve strategies and teaching methods? After asking a few teachers, the Internet and journals were some of the answers. Then I asked myself, “Where do I go for new ideas, professional development?” I said Twitter, listservs and the Internet. Though not all professional improvement is on the Internet or social media, it is more so than in the past.

In the next two years, I want to build a more online, collaborative professional collection on the library’s website. Post links to helpful sites, post best practices highlighted in a journal or magazine article or invite guest posts to a teacher blog or wiki. This is something to think about in the next few years, especially as where and how we get out information becomes more Internet-based.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for me about a professional collection? Please let me know.