Advocacy & Leadership

Section 4.A: Networking within the Library Community

Section 4.B: Professional Development

  • Professional Membership: Currently, I am a student member of the American Library Association (ALA). Upon graduation, I plan to become an official member of ALA
  • Webinar and Conference Attendance: During the past two years, I have attended a number of webinars and conferences that focus on school libraries, academic libraries and social media

Section 4.C: Leadership

  • Library Issue Poster Session: During my library science gateway class, my group and I researched and presented information about copyright and the use of the first-sale doctrine in libraries
  • E-book Chapter on Ecosystem of Literacy 2.0 in Libraries
  • E-book Chapter on Teaching and Learning Information Literacy

Section 4.D: Advocacy

  • Library Infographic: During my secondary practicum, I created an infographic to highlight the importance of school libraries and teacher-librarians


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