CNYLDP Reflection

At our last class, we listened to a presentation about making data more user-friendly. After some reflection, I appreciated how I could incorporate  the “I Notice…I Wonder” exercise while viewing data. This strategy is used with students in library special when we look at a text or a primary/secondary source, but I did not think about using it with adults.

When this strategy is used it can help people take a step back and look at the data. Instead of diving right into an action plans or solutions, this reflection can help teachers understand what they look at. You can notice trends, differences and formulate questions. This open-ended exercise can help teachers look closely at information to brainstorm ideas or thoughts. They can look at patterns, or items that are similar or dissimilar.

When the 30-week toolbox becomes available on Sharepoint, I want to use strategies learned from the past class. I hope that “I Notice…I Wonder” will provide clearer insights into the 30-week data. My goal is to make the next reflection a summary of my experience.