A Day In The Life: 9/21/15

730-9: Printed lessons for the week, set up lessons, printed SNAP brochures and newspaper club permission forms. Delivered to teachers’ mailboxes. Caught up on email over the weekend.

9-1020: Classes

1030-11: Met with boss, public library director and superintendent to go over the new makerspace in the library

11-1140: Class

1140-1220: Lunch and caught up on morning email

1220-220: Classes

230-330: Attended a District Curriculum Council meeting. I am one of two reps for my school for this committee that meets monthly


2015-16 Goals & Projects

Last year, I made goals for myself to complete professionally. It was helpful to write them on this blog to keep track of my progress. This year, I decided to make some new goals and list some projects to complete:

  • Create video channels through SNAP, the county’s instructional media library, with all the links in the new social studies curriculum (fall project)
  • Create libguides with links for the new social studies curriculum (fall project)
  • Develop weekly classes for the makerspace for my Friday flextime. We have a great start with materials in the space, and now it’s time for weekly classes (on-going)
  • Co-teach with the school’s music teacher for PreK weekly classes (weekly)
  • Update the collection development policy, which has not been updated since the early 2000s (winter project)
  • Revise the library’s mission and vision statement to coincide with the PLC culture of the school (on-going)
  • Look at the library’s website and decide how can it have more student involvement/direction? Do all the librarians in the district create a common site with everything, or each one has her own? (on-going)
  • Weed the reference collection, everyone collection and look at the video collection. I want to see which videos or resources we might have digitally through SNAP and weed old VHSs no one has checked out in years (winter, spring project)
  • Fine-tune lessons this year. I have my units, standards, I Can Statements and assessments in place. With all that work I did last winter and summer, I have found I have saved hours each week trying to come up with lessons. I have a curriculum now. There are some tweaks here and there, but I’m making notes to revise for next year (on-going)
  • Focus on writing more with my students this year during specials (on-going)

So far, the school year is off to an excellent start. I’m looking forward to blogging more about my journey as a third-year teacher.