PD Completed

This section highlights professional development opportunities I have completed inside and outside my district. Many are one-time offerings, online courses or study groups.


  • NOVELNY: Britannica School & Gale’s Research in Context
  • Creating A Positive School Culture: Changing The School Together


  • Follett Destiny User Group Meeting
  • Poverty and Trauma Study Group
  • 5-9 Student Transition Study Group
  • Research Ambassadors meetings
  • Collaborative Educators Summit at ESM
  • CNYSL Fall Conference
  • Oswego Citi School Library Council rep (5 meetings this year)


  • Oswego Writing Institute
  • Schoology, Camatsia, Zaption and Google Docs Study Group
  • What You Need To Know About Your English Language Learners
  • Oswego Citi School Library Council meetings (4 per year)
  • New Teacher Year 2 Study Group


  • Daily 5 Study Group
  • Explicit Direct Instruction Study Group
  • Minerva: Text and Context
  • Online Class: Safe and Savvy on the Internet
  • Online Class: Cool Tools for School
  • Professional Learning Communities Study Group
  • Leadership Study Group
  • New Teacher Professional Development: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
  • Online Class: Let Me Google That For You
  • PBL: An Inquiry Approach For Librarians
  • Using Data to Improve Your School Library Program
  • Using Google Earth For Virtual Fieldtrips
  • Screencasting for Flipped/Blended Learning
  • Schoology Coaching
  • Introduction to Schoology


  • Making Marvelous Connections With Makey Makey
  • Cool Tools for Schools
  • Core Out Your Collection
  • Best New Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  • Driven By Data Study Group: Session 1, 2 and 3
  • Smart Notebook-Advanced
  • New Teacher Welcome Project

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