Beliefs, Vision & Mission


As a teacher-librarian, I will implement the following ideas to create a supportive and collaborative library media center:

  • Create a creative, safe space for students to collaborate, study, read and pursue academic and/or personal interests
  • Provide the best possible access to print and digital resources, information and knowledge to all students
  • The library serves as an one-stop shop to help students develop and enhance information literacy and technology skills
  • Encourage students to enjoy reading, and to help students cultivate and develop reading interests, whether it be with fiction, non-fiction or digital materials
  • Help students become productive members of society
  • Collaborate with teachers, administration and the community to provide the best possible experience for students and school community


The library learning commons develops and promotes an optimal learning environment for students through cultivation of information literacy and technology skills, promotion of collaboration and content creation with peers and access to a diverse range of materials that enhance academic and personal interests.


The mission of the library learning commons is to provide access to information, as well as opportunities for students to become active learners. The library will encourage students’ motivation and curiosity through:

  • Providing guided instruction and independent learning opportunities for students to showcase knowledge and information
  • Creating a  safe and welcoming space for students to succeed academically and cultivate personal interests through library programs, clubs, events and projects
  • Providing an inquiry-based learning environment in the library learning commons, and introduce students to a variety of resources, information and ideas
  • Developing and maintaining an effective library website that will provide students and school community with up-to-date and relevant information
  • Instilling a lifelong enjoyment for reading, which includes print and non-print materials
  • Supporting and promoting collaboration between the school community, administration and teachers, as well as provide opportunities and/or resources for professional development

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