Thing 1: Blogging

It has been about a year since looking at this blog, and now seems like the perfect time to get it up and running again with the Cool Tools For School assignments. My name is Allison Kowalski, and I am a newly-graduated library media specialist starting my first year as a K-6 teacher-librarian at a school district in upstate New York. I am passionate about technology, books/reading and all forms of literacy.

I’m completing this class to enhance my knowledge of technology skills to use at the library media center. Technology and information are constantly changing; I want to remain up-to-date on trends and new ideas through classes like this. No longer being in graduate school or working as a employee for my graduate program, this class presented the perfect opportunity for me to continue to learn. As teacher-librarians, we are constantly learning every day.

During this lesson, I have learned many new things about blogging that can be incorporated into lessons. My students are completing a digital life/netiquette unit before we start a blogging and Voki unit. This lesson has introduced me to more student-friendly blogging sites. I have used some of the blogging platforms on the lesson (Blogger and WordPress). But, with filters on school computers, these sites are not allowed at my school, whereas KidBlog and Edublog are not blocked. Having a kid-friendly site for blogging is important to me and for my students.

Also, there were some great articles about why students should blog. Some points that stood out included:

–Blogging gives kids a voice

–Students enhance writing, grammar and punctuation skills

–Blogging can cover countless subject areas, as students can write about anything

–It’s fun