June Madness Wrap-Up

Who would have thought that the last two weeks in June would go by so slow? Do you feel like the to-do list keep piling up and it keeps on raining? I am at the end of the end for my second school year.

The library is in the middle of its first inventory in three years, and I am happy it is going well. We have had many books come back to us that students thought were lost or overdue. Projects have wrapped up. Study groups and committee meetings are over for the year. I am finally happy with the library’s collection. It has been a long two years of weeding and genrifying, but it’s almost there. I will use some of next year’s budget to build up some areas in non-fiction.

It was a good year. I’m looking forward to the summer for curriculum work and tech PD. This summer, my goal is to have units put into a curriculum map that explicitly match the IFC standards. I have met with some teachers to built resource and research libguides that will be used in the fall. I’m updating the website. Why do I think the summer will fly by so fast and September will be here in a flash?