Information & Knowledge

Section 3.A: Efficient and Ethical-Information-seeking Behavior

  • Analyzing an Index: Subject representation of resources; literature review of library indexing and classification by professionals and social tagging by general users
  • Becoming a Scholar/Information Literacy Modules: For my gateway course into the library and information science program, I completed a set of modules and assessments to strengthen my scholar and information-literacy skills
  • References Exercises: Researched answers to a number of references exercises in IST 605 Reference class; used print and digital resources to discover answers

Section 3.B: Access to Information

  • Website Evaluation & Design: An evaluation of a New York suburban school library’s website
  • Collaborative Web 2.0 Project: Co-wrote and researched Wikispaces with Jane Verostek. Project included a summary of the tool, print handout, how Wikispaces links to curriculum handout and video tutorial

Section 3.C: Information Technology

  • Webinar Development: I co-presented a webinar with Jane about how to use Wikispaces in the classroom and school libraries
  • Collaborative Technology Project: I worked with a team of teachers to introduce Google Docs to students for research projects and assignments. Project included an evaluation and tutorial

Section 3.D: Research and Knowledge Creation

  • Planning, Marketing and Assessing a New Academic Library Learning Commons: SUNY IT Learning Commons; A plan for the creation of a learning commons at SUNY It in Utica, N.Y. Co-written by Patty Alvayay, Tessa Brawley, Allison Kowalski and Margaret Portier
  • Team Teaching Demo: I co-taught and developed a lesson how to use Delicious, a social-bookmarking site, and how to evaluate websites

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