Program Management & Administration

Section 5.A: Collection

  • Project Enable Modules & Quizzes: I have completed the Project Enable quizzes and modules during my time at Syracuse. Project Enable is a collaborative project that trained me how to create and deliver effective library and information services to students with disabilities
  • Reference Resource Review: A review of the Oxford American College Dictionary
  • Pathfinder: A pathfinder that includes Internet, print and database resources about Queen Elizabeth I

Section 5.B: Professional Ethics

Section 5.C: Personnel, Funding and Facilities

  • PMA Binder: SUNY IT Learning Commons; A planning, marketing and assessment plan for the creation of a learning commons at SUNY It in Utica, N.Y. Co-written by Patty Alvayay, Tessa Brawley, Allison Kowalski and Margaret Portier

Section 5.D: Strategic Planning and Assessment

  • Evaluating Library Accessibility: An evaluation of the accessibility of a central New York library space
  • report on innovation and IT-enabled change involving social media in libraries

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