Thing 50: New AASL Standards

This year, the county’s school library system has offered an online study group with the new AASL standards book. Fortunately, I have been able to gain exposure and understanding of the new standards.

Upon first looking at the standards last fall, I was overwhelmed. Another new set of standards to an already-growing list? After looking at the standards, I realized I meet many of these, yet there are a few areas that can always be improved. I cannot become perfect in every standard, but have a goal to work on one or two each year to grow and improve.

The areas that resonate with me the most are inquire and include as these are my strongest. I have pride in my program that it encourages respect and openness for diversity and building curiosity and problem-solving skills. I have spent much time on my collection development policy and building a collection that includes everyone. Each lesson delivered has time for students to ask questions and reflect on learning.

One area I need to strengthen is curate. With Cool Tools, I have begun to improve this practice. I’ve been using Destiny Collections to share instructional resources collaboratively with teachers, and promoting SNAP media channels more with teachers. I have had success promoting databases and Overdrive this year.

With my school becoming 1:1 next year and steps toward moving paperless, digital curation is more important than ever. I feel I have a good foundation, but can always build and change. I do have to remember these curated lists are living documents that are meant to be change to meet the instructional needs of students, so it will be important to constantly reflect and review what sources are there.


One thought on “Thing 50: New AASL Standards

  1. So good to hear that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the new standards. I looked at the discussion that Molly is running, such a great idea. Taking it all a bit at a time and sharing ideas.

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