Thing 12: Final Reflection

What did you learn? What an excellent year of learning again with Cool Tools. This year, I feel I focused more on refining my practice. There is a strong foundation, but everything can always be improved and tweaked. There was also a lot of reflection on my current practices, library program and physical space. I focused more on creating resource guides to curate, collaborate and share with colleagues. This will be a huge project in the upcoming months, but I found a format I want to use for curation: Destiny Collections. I plan to build on this project this summer and next year and meet with grade-level PLCs to promote and gather input for the Collections digitally and face-to-face. Google Drive as a digital portfolio for student-led conferences and sharing of ENL resources were my successes, and finding a new note-taking tool did not go well.

What’s next? I want to add more to the Destiny Collections guides, but advocate for the collaboration piece. I plan to add this to my digital signature and make it more visible on my library’s website. Also, the LMS team at my district has decided to collaborate on a summer reading website using Google Sites. We have so much information to provide, we want a more streamlined one-stop-shop updated site for this. We are also planning to add a digital piece for social reading and are brainstorming a Fulton reading hash tag. Moving forward, I want to dig more into the AASL standards and select one or two areas to improve for the 2018-19 school year through reflection. In addition, I have begun to redesign the library space. Furniture has been moved, and we in the process to move a few more things around by spring break. The changes have been met with positive responses so far.

Did you like learning this way? I appreciate this PD each year and the fact it is online as my schedule has been busy going back to school for my CAS admin degree. I can work at my own pace and select topics that interest me. There have been some topics I have revisited this year, and am building on that knowledge-base. I would absolutely participate in this program again as everything is constantly relevant and updated. This is some of most meaningful PD I have all year because it’s based off choice and my needs. Thank you, again.


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