Thing 49: Connecting, Collaborating and Sharing

Google Drive: The LMS team at my district meets monthly. We use Google Drive to store all of our documents, PLC agendas and curriculum information. I love the flexibility and collaboration aspects of Google Drive. We create the draft agendas for our monthly PLC meetings and are able to share ideas with each other through the minutes. This year, the whole team presented at a conference together, and it was wonderful to collaborate on a Google Slide for our presentation as obtaining release time is difficult. In addition, the team began to pull essential standards for IFC and ISTE standards. When we had curriculum meetings, it was helpful to share these documents with coaches to help facilitate the process of pulling essential standards. The team will continue to use Google Drive as our main collaboration tool next year.

Google Calendar: I have my schedule posted on a Google Doc, but each day can be different. What I would like to do for next year is embed the Google Calendar of my schedule on the library’s website, as well as put this in my email signature. This information can also serve as a piece of data as to what happens in the library each day, making us more visible to administrators and teachers.

Padlet: I used Padlet with my students to respond to discussion questions recently. This tool was useful because it gave quieter students a voice and students were engaged and loved to see what other classmates posted. Padlet has now become a norm with some of my grade levels as we discuss texts or key concepts. I do plan to use this tool next year for my lessons. Students picked up on the tool quickly, thought we did have to review netiquette heavily in the beginning.


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