Thing 26: Note-taking Tools

In the NY Times article for the lesson, I was surprised how it was stated that students who use laptops during lectures/classes are not as effective in assessments as students who do not use these tools. Yes, using a laptop might influence a student to explore other social media sites instead of listening to a professor, but doesn’t it depend on the student?

I type faster than I write with a pen. When at a meeting or a class, I prefer to type notes as they are more thorough. I tried to write with pen/paper for a meeting and found myself frustrated. The speaker spoke quickly, and I could not keep up with notes.

Recently, I went digital for all my notes. It was a smooth transition from pen and paper, and I use Google Drive as my base. In the past, I’ve attempted to use Evernote. However, that tool did not stick because it was yet another tool to use when there are so used for personal reasons.

For this lesson, I delved more into Google Keep. This tool reminds me of Padlet, and it was simple to use. I tried to use it for a few meetings in the last week, but I still prefer to use a Google Doc. I can appreciate the simple, organized method thought of Google Keep and hope to introduce this tool in lesson soon.

As our school becomes fully integrated with 1:1 Chromebooks for grades 3-12 next year, Google Keep could be a helpful tool to use in the classroom. Students could use this tool to write down questions they have about a lesson or type key points to reference later. With this lesson I’ve realized that each person has their own method for note taking, but it’s good to explore different tools and step outside my comfort zone. Sometimes it is OK to not fix what was broken.



One thought on “Thing 26: Note-taking Tools

  1. Good point! Sometimes our systems work just fine and they don’t need fixing. I use evernote the way you use google docs, I’ll open up a blank note and take notes during a meeting or lecture. Though I use paper too, but there’s a better chance of my notes being legible if they’re typed from the start. 🙂

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