Thing 3: Twitter and Other Online Communities

For this lesson, I wanted to revisit and reflect on my professional use of Twitter. Since the creation of my account, Twitter has been a professional, not a personal, network for me. I’ve always used it to gather and share resources regarding librarianship, education, books and technology. However, I needed to do something new this school year with Twitter.

To begin, I overhauled my profile description. Since it was a professional account, I had to focus on what means most to me as a professional. I also added a new section: My current read is … to share what books or articles I am currently reading. These edits make me feel more cohesive and organized with my online presence. I also updated my Tweetdeck account to follow different hashtags.

Although I am late to the game, I have started to participate in the #12daystwitter. Why not? I’ve sifted through some of the tweets to follow other handles and gather resources.

Lastly, earlier this year I debated whether to create a separate Twitter account to promote and brand the school library. I wanted to share more resources and happenings through Twitter this year, but not sure about the format. A pro and con list was created, and in the end, I decided to create a hashtag (#granbylibrary) versus a separate account. Because my Twitter account is a professional account, I felt OK doing this and I do have an established, active presence. Every few days, I gather photos or highlights of happenings in the library to Tweet out. This is a new process for me, and I find myself appreciating that resources are shared, but more importantly, I am advocating the library’s story. This simple change has proved to be a powerful new way to continue to advocate for my library.


One thought on “Thing 3: Twitter and Other Online Communities

  1. Terrrific! Good idea to take advantage of the presence you already have and use the hashtag. Nice post, thanks for sharing.

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