Thing 20: Creating a Resource Guide

Step 1: Pick an Audience

I would like to target teachers in my building for this project. Teachers are constantly bombarded by emails, countless data and everything else. From a library and tech perspective, there are excellent resources to share that can support instruction and curriculum.

Step 2: Tools for Curating and Sharing

In the past, I have used Pinterest boards and LibGuides to curate resources for colleagues. The links on Pinterest do not work anymore, and I do not like LibGuides, which is not user-friendly. It also has cost our district a lot of money for minimal usage. We will not purchase a license for this tool next year.

However, I do want to try Destiny Collections. The district uses Follett Destiny as the library automation system, and this resource comes at no extra cost to us. Last summer, I attended a training on using the Collections resource, a collaborative site that allows resources to be curated and shared. Collections is easy to use and collaborative; anyone can add resources as long as they have the permissions. The elementary librarians and myself in the district began to gather resources to support curriculum in ELA, social studies and science.

Step 3: Gather Resources

For the past few weeks, I created two Collections guides: Primary and Secondary resources and Copyright & Plagiarism resources. I added links from other websites that sounded helpful. Destiny Collections also has a database of open educational resources, so I was able add more resources from there I plan to add a few more as links become known to me.

In the future, I want to create guides for Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy and invite the other librarians to add to this collection. As the district becomes fully 1:1 in grades 3-12 next year, it will be helpful for all teachers to have access to helpful information regarding safety and respect with this initiative.

Step 4: Share, Promote, Maintain!

So far, I’ve added the Collections made to the library’s website, and cleaned up the Teacher Resource page. Teachers use this page frequently, so they will not have to go to a new area. Also, I want to promote the Collections pages with the #granbylibrary hashtag. Maybe other people might have other ideas to add or use them to help others. Once the guides are more solid, I want to add a line to my email signature to promote a guide each week.

I do need to do a better job to maintain the guides. The Pinterest one I made years ago was outdated and links were rotten. To help this, I want to add other collaborators to the Collections guides I make. Also, I want to use the #granbylibrary hashtag to promote resources for others to use. The maintenance will be the biggest challenge for me, but I hope to do better this time around.


One thought on “Thing 20: Creating a Resource Guide

  1. “Linkrot” is probably the biggest issue with all our digital curating. It’s so hard to keep up. Just like weeding our physical collections, we need to weed/update our digital collections. Great idea to use your Destiny option, if staff are already used to going there, then that will work well!

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