Genrifying School Library PD

At an Oswego Citi library council meeting earlier this year, we discussed possible PD opportunities for the summer. Librarians offered topics that they had experience with, and I mentioned that I have had a successful change with the genrification of my library a few years ago. Somehow that conversation turned into an offer to share my process at a PD session this summer. I said yes, and was excited. I have facilitated tech PDs with my school community, but never with a group of librarians before.

A few weeks ago, I created my format and presentation. I thought about how to engage the participants, but not have information overload about genrifying a library.

Today was the session at an elementary school in Oswego, and I am proud of myself. Based off feedback and reflections, the session was the right amount of time and informative. Participants made goals for the upcoming year to begin the genrifying process of their library. We had some excellent conversations, and I even came away with some new ideas myself.

Being in the CNYLDP program, I have gained more confidence in my knowledge and skill level of particular topics that I want to share with others. Facilitating PD about library and tech topics has become a favorite of mine this year. My goal is to expand PD sessions more in the next coming year, and hopefully present a proposal for a conference or larger session.


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