CNYLDP Reflection

Last week, I had my formal observation. The process is a bit less stressful this year, as there is only one formal observation to prepare for. It’s beneficial it’s completed in the first few months of school so I can implement feedback sooner in the school year.

During the conference with my administrator, I shared my learning style: I like to follow rules and know exactly what is expected of me for a situation. When this information was shared, I believe the feedback was more relevant and meaningful because it was tailored to meet my needs at the time. After some good conversation, the feedback was received. The post-conference occurred this morning and I have many ideas swimming in my head right now. I will reflect on her feedback for a few days and move forward from there.

Additionally, I met with my communication teammate this week. We reflected on the past few months, and besides easy-to-fix mistakes, we are pleased with the communication committee and plan to move forward. We discussed some simple changes. Also, with feedback from presentations at class in November, we discussed how to encourage teachers to have more ownership and participation in the communication process. We came up with some ideas:

  • Encouraging teachers to create videos and send to us for distribution to the appropriate networks (teachers already submit photos to the building shared photo on the server)
  • Have a dedicated share-out time at curriculum meetings where each grade-level rep will highlight events, curriculum or projects

We plan to implement these items at our next meeting in mid-December. I am currently on working pulling first quarter data from 2016-17 for the Facebook page. My goal is to have that done by December.


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