CNYLDP Reflection

Last week while meeting with our district classmates, we each had to present our presentation in front of the group. This was for practice the official presentations Wednesday, November 9. During each presentation, we would receive feedback about the overall presentation. I received my feedback, but put the papers aside for a few days in order to reflect personally.

It is comfortable for me to go in front of students to talk and to teach. The kids are easy-going and eager to learn. Presenting in front of colleagues proved to be a bit different for me. You don’t know what thoughts are in their minds or what their opinions are. My quiet side came out again, and that made me frustrated with myself. I’m outgoing and goofy with my students, but that side didn’t come out with these presentations. I guess with new groups of people I do not know well, I am a bit reserved. I like to observe my surroundings before I feel comfortable to come out of my shell. Each meeting is becoming easier to initiate conversation with people as I get to know them more.

Anyways, I reviewed my feedback yesterday, and it was helpful (I had no idea I talk faster when I am nervous). I will adjust some processes for the official presentation on 11/9 and update some of the visuals.


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