Thing 39: News Literacy

In the article, “Beyond The Bubble,” by Katie Day, I realized the importance to an active role to enhance global literacy and news literacy skills with my students. Sure, I provide resources to teachers in my building to develop these skills with students. But, our roles as librarians are so unique – we can dabble in many disciplines and content areas.

Also, I am unsure if my students are truly aware of the world around them. Many have never been outside Fulton, and think downtown Syracuse is a huge city. Through global literacy and news literacy, the students will hopefully be more aware and in-tune with different places, people and ideas.

After reading through some of the articles and resources, there are some ideas I want to incorporate into my practice this coming year:

  • Use Newsela with my upper grades to discuss current events and the global world. I want students to blog about their reactions and thoughts to the articles that we discuss. Usually, students have used blogs for book reviews or creative writing, but I want to use the students’ blogs for another purpose. I do appreciate how Newsela has the option of different lexiles for students
  • Com is another site I liked. This looks like an online newspaper for kids; topics are nicely organized and high-interest. At the end of the article, there are writing and reading prompts to promote discussion and communication amongst students and myself
  • Powerful Voices for Kids: This will be a good resource to introduce news literacy to primary grades with its lesson plans
  • YoungZine: Another site to explore with my students next year
  • Student Vote 2016: My students already have opinions about the upcoming November election. I want to engage their interest even more with this website



One thought on “Thing 39: News Literacy

  1. Sounds like some good plans! Even though it’s so easy for us to connect our kids with others around the world, I think it’s still really hard for kids to fathom the wider world, unless they’re luck enough to travel or have family that travel.

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