Thing 30: Final Reflection

***Plan to complete News Literacy lesson once it is available***

What Did You Learn?

  • How did you put what you learned into action at school? Personally? Finished signage for the collection and modified the physical space of the library. All the sections but makerspace and everybody books are done. My library aide helped to create colorful and strategically-placed signage for students on the bookshelves. We moved around the physical space of books (having an easy chapter book section) and moved high-interest genres to a more prominent location. This has helped students become more aware of different books available. We also moved around the physical space of the library. We now have a designated reading/social area, makerspace area, computer area, quiet area, etc. I do want to purchase more rugs this summer to make the library more welcoming for the fall. Also, it is up to me to become an enthusiastic advocate for the library program. No one else can start but me. I have projects in place for the summer to complete that I want to implement in the fall.
  • Did you expand your Personal Learning Network? Make new professional connections? I should have done a better job connecting with other people. I would read their blogs, but did not comment on any.
  • What challenges did you face during the workshop? I am still not a fan of coding personally, but if my students are interested in it, I will happily and enthusiastically learn about it and provide it as a program for them.

What’s Next?

I have started some projects this year that I want to follow up on in the future. They include:

  • Create an infographic as my annual report in June: add more than statistics though
  • Develop the library Goodreads account over the summer to make it ready September and incorporate it into my lesson plans
  • Connecting with stakeholders: create a brochure to connect with students and parents for September, add comments to report cards that show specifically units and standards covered for each grade level, contribute more events and programs, as well as tips (digital citizenship, information-literacy, reading websites, apps) in the monthly school newsletter, create a monthly Smore newsletters for teachers
  • Connect with my public library. For the second year, the children’s librarian will come to speak to all classes about the summer reading program in June. Also, I want to invite a rep to come to open house in September so families can sign up for public library cards
  • Re-shoot the technology sign-out video for the website
  • Maintain a daily journal of what I do each day
  • Use Pixlr for more photos on the website and school Facebook page
  • Have two weeks dedicated to the Hour of Code in December for students instead of one. This summer, I will complete a PD course on coding so I can become more knowledgeable in this area
  • All of the information I gathered I plan to share during the librarians’ PD days over the summer

Did You Like Learning This Way?

Participating in this program has proved to be another enjoyable experience. I appreciate that I could work at my own pace to complete the lessons each week. Online learning has never been a problem for me: I am able to manage my time accordingly.

The most valuable item of this program was new lessons, especially connecting with stakeholders. That track provided some excellent tips for me to implement. I also valued that I could revisit a lesson previously tried a year or two ago.

I need to do a better job connecting with other participants of the program. I read some blogs, but should have done a better job to comment and connect with other educators.

Thank you, Polly, for creating another wonderful experience for us. I plan to complete this program again if it is offered.


2 thoughts on “Thing 30: Final Reflection

  1. Wow, lots of great plans! I especially like that even though you’re not really a fan of coding personally, you’re going all out because your students enjoy it! Good for you! I agree that the weakest area of the workshop is still getting people to connect with each other. I’m looking at new learning platforms for next year with hopes of having discussion forums built right in with the lessons. We’ll see! Thanks for participating again and for sharing so many great ideas.

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