Classics Challenge: Anne of Windy Poplars by L.M. Montgomery


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WHEN I Discovered This Classic: I discovered this classic a few years ago when I received the box set of Anne books from my sister. At that time, I only read the first three books in the series.
WHY I Chose to Read It: As I packed up my books to move into a new house, my eyes fell on the Anne series again. I remembered how much I loved the first few books in the series, and I wanted to continue to read through Anne’s journey as hers was similar to mine at this point in my life: developing my career, getting married, and buying my first “house of dreams.”
WHAT Makes It A Classic:  The main character, Anne, is a classic character. In the literary world, who has not heard of the red-haired, charismatic, mischievous orphan from Green Gables? The descriptions of nature and the landscape of Prince Edward Island have always made me want to visit this place.
WILL It Stay A Classic: 
This book will stay a classic. I wanted to be Anne when I was a little girl, going on adventures and discovering kindred spirits. I still want to be her as an adult. The Anne series showcases friendship, loss, adventure – many experiences that all people go through, no matter what age or time period.  
WHO I’d Recommend It To: 
I would recommend this book to anyone entering the world of adulthood: career, house, relationship. I connected with Anne’s experiences and it has made my journey into the next chapter of my life full of adventure and laughter, just like her adventure has been.


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