Thing 19: Social Reading and Book Stuff

Recently, I joined Goodreads as Shelfari has merged with the social-reading site. So far, I have only transferred my personal account, but for this lesson I made an account for Granby Library.

When Shelfari was around, I posted new books and embedded the widget onto the library’s website. Every few months, students would spend a library special writing a book review for a recent read. This information would be posted to the library’s Shelfari account for others to see.

With a new Goodreads account, I reflected how to make social reading more active and relevant to students, specifically younger kiddos.

To Start

  • Use Goodreads as the discussion format for book clubs instead of Schoology
  • When finishing reading books to students K-3, pull up Goodreads and have students reflect on the book. After reflection, have students rate the book as a whole class. After a couple of months, I think it will be eye-opening for students when I show them what books we have read. This can assist with data, as I can see what books students prefer or do not prefer. I am particularly excited to start this new practice with my students
  • After reading short stories with my older grades, create a discussion around the book in Goodreads (instead of Schoology)
  • Introduce Goodreads to students in the fall during library orientation, along with Destiny Quest
  • When a student uses the book request form, use Goodreads to add the book to the to-read list. This way, students may keep track to see when the book arrives in the library

To Continue

  • As new books arrive, use Goodreads instead of Shelfari to display the books so students know what newer titles are available in the library. Display widget on library’s webpage
  • Updating the library’s Goodreads profile with better pictures and adding the widget to the website

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