Thing 33: Taking the Lead: Connecting with your Stakeholders

“Your Stakholder Connected Librarian Toolkit” by Heidi Neltner provided some excellent ideas to help me improve my outreach and advocacy. Here they are below:


  • Creating more effective signage for the collection. Visuals are key to help students explore different books and collections. Simple things like colorful signage can increase student confidence to independently look for a book. The library fiction chapter books are genrified, but better signage is needed
  • A Google Form for students that come to the library that are not in a library special. We have a sign-in sheet now and students must provide a name, teacher and reason for visit. It might be time for this process to reach 2016
  • Annual library theme. I love this idea. It creates community between all grade levels

Teachers & Administrator

  • Create a monthly digital newsletter that will showcase tech tips, highlight resources that can be used for research, holidays, etc. Smore would be a helpful format for this information
  • Infographic as an annual report. I do need to add some more information to an inforgraphic, other than circulation statistics, but how the library does enhance student achievement

Community & Parents

  • Re-create what I submit to the monthly newsletters that go home. Right now, I write about what happens in library specials and standards that are covered. That can be done in the report card comments. I like the idea of submitting tips for digital citizenship and information literacy, plus showcasing library events and programming more than I do currently
  • Instead of a parent letter that goes home each September with students that explains procedures and programs, I want to switch to a brochure. This makes the information more inviting and I can distribute this to new students (and we receive many transfer-ins throughout the year)

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