Classics Challenge: Esio Trot By Roald Dahl

WHEN I Discovered This Classic: I discovered this classic when looking through some other Roald Dahl books a few months ago. I added it to my shelf to read, and finally got around to it.
WHY I Chose to Read It: There is not a solid reason why I chose to read this book, other than I wanted to read some more of Roald Dahl’s works and was in between books at the time.
WHAT Makes It A Classic: This shorter story has all the classic Roald Dahl humor and wittiness. It is a charming story, and I rooted for Mr. Hoppy to land Mrs. Silver’s love in the end. 
WILL It Stay A Classic: This book will stay a classic, but I do not think it is as well-known as Roald Dahl’s other works. 
WHO I’d Recommend It To:
I would recommend this book to anyone that needs a quick, good read. I was in a reading slump, but did not want to start a long book. This was the perfect fix to get me into the reading bug again.


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