Thing 8: Screencasting and Screen Sharing

This lesson was a fun one to complete because I tried a tool that was new to me: Snagit for Chrome. It was simple to download; best of all, it was free. (I use Screencastomatic to upload videos into my students’ Schoology accounts, and this is one of my favorite tools to use). 

At first, Snagit did not seem intuitive and user-friendly. I had to navigate for some time to learn how to use the tool. After time spent tinkering, Snagit became easier to use.

I decided to create a video tutorial for teachers and staff that shows how to use the calendars to reserve time for technology and mobile devices. Teachers regularly ask how to complete this task, but a video sent through email or posted on my website will make others independent and save me time. I do have a similar video using Screencastomatic, but the pathway has changed. I needed to create a new video anyway, so why not use Snagit?

Here is my first draft below. I need to complete another few takes, but this is the general idea.

After using the two tools, I prefer Screencastomatic. It is easier to convert files, especially into YouTube. I discovered how to convert files into YouTube from Snagit, but it was not intuitive as Screencastomatic.



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