Classics Challenge: The BFG by Roald Dahl

CaptureWHEN I Discovered This Classic: I discovered this classic a few a years ago when I read some of Roald Dahl’s other books. For whatever reason, I did not pick up this book back in middle school.
WHY I Chose to Read It: I chose to read this book because it was gaining popularity in circulation at my school’s library and I discovered a movie of “The BFG” will be released this summer. Students constantly asked to be placed hold for this book if it was checked out.
WHAT Makes It A Classic: Besides being written by a famous author,”The BFG” is simply a good story. It has adventure, mystery and fantasy. 
WILL It Stay A Classic: There is no doubt in my mind that “The BFG” will stay a classic. Its story is timeless and has proven to transcend through generations of readers. 
WHO I’d Recommend It To:
I would recommend this book to anyone who appreciates good humor and a good story. I think children to adults can appreciate “The BFG.”



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