Thing 2: Photo Fun


For this lesson, I wanted to try a new photo-editing tool. Looking through the options, Pixlr caught my eye. I wanted something that looked user-friendly. I uploaded some photos from a New England vacation last summer to use in Pixlr. The Express option proved to be a better-fit option because I wanted a simple editing tool. It was easy to use and I appreciated the number of options that came with the Express version.

I thought how I could use this tool at school, and some options came to me:

  • For the school’s Facebook page. Something as simple as brightening up the photos or adding a border would spruce up the photos that are posted
  • For a makerspace class. I toyed with the idea of using PhotoShop, but that might be too advanced for one class. Pixlr appears to be a more effective photo-editing tool to use for one
  • For an autobiography project that one of my grade levels complete in the start of a school year. Students could edit their photos instead of simply inserting them into the tech tool
  • For sixth-grade ancient civilizations curriculum. Students could find a photo of a well-known monument of that time period and edit that
  • Find a photo through a website that has photos under Creative Commons or the Public Domain. Edit that photo for a lesson about copyright of photos

Big Huge Labs

I have known about this site, but I would like to use it more this year. For a sixth-grade unit, students will research a Greek god, goddess or creature. Instead of a traditional presentation, I will have students create a trading card for the final project instead. However, I thought that a few things will have to happen first before students create the card, as we will only have 25 minutes in class to complete this. Prior to making the card, students will have to:

  • Have the photo saved to their drive for a fast upload
  • Already have written the profile/info so all they will have to do is copy and paste into the website




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