Thing 22: Productivity

Update from last year: I continually use Evernote for book study groups that I participate in at school. This site helps me keep notes and reflections organized, but other than professional development, I do not use it for anything else. 


This year, my school has a Facebook account. The district’s website was brand-new and schools needed a social media presence. I am one of the managers for the school’s Facebook account, and wanted to use Hootesuite to manage the account. I hooked up my Twitter account (for professional use mainly) and school’s Facebook account. I appreciate that though these are two different sites, I can check accounts from the same place. It is easier to log into Hootesuite, rather than log into two separate accounts; it has saved me time. On Hootesuite, the schedule-updates-for-a-later-time feature is helpful as sometimes the day can be busy, but I can still schedule posts like “Half day tomorrow, dismissal at x time” or reminders of events that occur. I do have to be careful that I post to the correct account. So far, there have been no issues with this tool, and I do plan to continue to use it.


This tool looked interesting to me. When I used it, it was nice to see how user-friendly it was. All I had to do was add a toolbar as a Chrome extension. I do have a project to use this tool for, and it will be with the IFC standards’ documents. This year, I have written a curriculum to match standards with content by each grade level. There have been some errors along the way and some standards I can combine into one lesson. I want to use this for that project this summer. I have notes on hard copies of lessons, but I want to update the standard sheet on the Web that I have. Additionally, I want to show this tool to my upper-grade levels, as they complete more intensive research projects in the spring. This site can help them organize thoughts, but will have to be installed on the lab computers at school. That will not require much time, but will be a step to complete before students use it. Overall, I am excited to use this tool, but it will be on the back-burner until the spring/summer when I need it.


One thought on “Thing 22: Productivity

  1. Interesting that you’ve been using evernote consistently for that one project, but not for other things. Wonder why? I’m going to a NYSCATE program on MS OneNote in early February. Will force me to take a good look at the competition.

    Scrible sounds like a good fit for that project. Will be curious to hear how it goes.

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