Thing 20: Final Reflection & What’s Next?

What did you learn?

  • There have been many tools I have learned this year and that I now use. This includes Google Drive (especially Google Forms), customized settings for the Chrome browser and adding Delicious as a bookmarking tool.
  • I have created more resource guides for the district and my school using LibGuides. I love the format and usability of this site. At first, it was difficult to navigate, but not anymore. I already have some guides teachers have asked me to create for the fall that I will work on over the summer.
  • There are more ideas I have gathered for my library’s website. I need to have more students contribute to the site through book recommendations. I want to update the ebook section this summer
  • I tried Google Earth again with students. I like the tool and will use it per teacher request for a Google Earth field trip, but for some reason I have not clicked with this tool

What’s next?

  • This summer and next year, I want to become more proficient in providing ebook resources for students and teachers. I want to download the OverDrive app to the iPads and show students the available ebooks sites we have available to them. I plan to have a lesson on this for students in 3-6 at the start of school.
  • For social reading, I want to dedicate a few classes a year where students write a book review to post to the library’s Shelfari page. It will be neat for students to submit book recommendations to this site.
  • Also, I want to develop another blended learning course on Schoology. This year, I made one for digital citizenship and plan to enhance it next year. Besides the digital citizenship course, I want to create one for my fifth-graders called “Weeding Through The Internet.” I want to introduce my third-graders to Schoology, as well.
  • I’m taking a few summer PDs about Smart Notebook Exchange and more about blended learning

Did you like learning this way?

  • I loved the format of this course. With a busy schedule, it’s helpful to complete blog posts on my own time. It was not hard to schedule time to complete these. I enjoyed reading other posts, and I know I need to do a better job of commenting on colleagues’ posts
  • It was helpful to have dozens of articles and resources for each topic. We were not tied down to any one tool
  • Thank you, Polly, for another great session of Cool Tools

One thought on “Thing 20: Final Reflection & What’s Next?

  1. Love hearing that you’re using Schoology with 3rd and 5th graders. I often hear people say they couldn’t use this or that tool with elementary students, so it’s great to hear you’re making these things work! Yay you! 🙂 I want to look at schoology again to see if it might help us with the “connecting” piece of these workshops. That’s one thing that’s really missing.

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