Thing 17: You Pick

After looking at the article “Top 100 Tools For Learning,” I explored some assessment tools that made the list this year. Some tools were new to me, some I have recently learned and some I have used in a different capacity. The tools included:

  • Kahoot: This is a new tool to me. I have created an account for Kahoot, and I love it so far. I continually look for new ways to assess my younger students. With only a 30-minute lesson each way, I need to make assessments meaningful and relatively quick. I do not create formal exams, but rather informal checks for understandings and/or reflections. I like that Kahoot has a game-like feel to it. Students like anything with sounds and fun colors. As soon as students answer a question, I can see if they understood the target of the lesson. This will help me determine if I have to reteach the main point or if I can move onto another target
  • Google Forms: Since this winter, I have participated in a Google online course through my local BOCES. One week’s topic was all about Google Forms and how to use the tool as an assessment. So far, I have used Google Forms with my first- through fourth-grade students. I have posted reflection questions and assessments using the tool. This tool has saved me from making countless print copies and I love how the data automatically uploads into a Google Sheet. This helps me determine if students master a target. Students have found this tool easy to use, and I only had to provide directions a few times
  • Socrative: I have used Socrative with older students last year, but I helped upload questions into the tool for a professional development study group at my school this past week. Teachers were asked questions about explicit direct instruction. To lead a group discussion, we pulled the answers on the board that teachers answered and talked about different strategies other people used in the classroom. I like how I could export the results into an excel sheet to use as reference

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