Thing 25: Power Up Your Browser

Part 1: For this part, I explored the different settings that Google Chrome has to offer users. I did not know how many features I had missed under the settings in the browser. Here are some settings I explored and changed:

  • Default browser: I made Google Chrome my default browser for my laptop. Internet Explorer is also installed, but I prefer Chrome to search and to complete work. I utilize Google Drive for school work, so the change made sense
  • Appearance: I gave the browser a theme and checked the setting to always show my bookmarks bar. With my bookmarks always visible, I have saved clicks accessing websites
  • Privacy settings: I have changed the settings to ask if a website wants to physically track where I am and to send notifications. For this section, I reviewed all the privacy options available and set options to fit with my style

Part 2: In the second part of this assignment, I added three new extensions to Chrome that I will continue to use and that I would recommend to others:

  • Pinterest: Very often, I search for lesson ideas or library inspiration. In the past, I would search other Pinterest boards, but now I can search through the Web and click the Pinterest extension button at the top
  • Readability: When I look through articles on websites, there can be numerous ads. I like that I can click this extension and the ads are not visible. This has helped me to focus on the content and message of an article, rather than looking at the ads and becoming distracted
  • Delicious: When I see a tweet with a link or something neat that pops up on my RSS feed, I usually email the link to my email to store in a separate folder. I decided to store links using the Delicious extension. I like that the steps to store a link are now less, and everything is now in one spot

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