Thing 23: Makerspaces

Makerspaces wholeheartedly connect with learning. Students build something from nothing, collaborate with peers to finish a product or simply create. As the heart of the school and learning, it is logical to have a makerspace in a library. The library is more than books now; it’s a place for books, research, collaboration, creation and more.

Granby Library has the beginnings of a makerspace in place. Recently, we received approvals to order more supplies for the makerspace: robotics, legos, craft materials, superstructs, play-doh, games, puzzles, drawing books and more. My goal is to provide a space for students to think, create, collaborate and learn.

There are times throughout the day when students have free time to come down to the library. Though I have not officially opened the makerspace, my older students have given up recess to come to the library to build with legos, build with the robotics sets, create origami and draw. For centers with younger students in specials, we have drawing stations, legos, building blocks and games. Students have to work together at the tables to complete the task at hand.

Right now, I am still weeding the library’s collection to make room for the rest of the makerspace materials. In one of the library’s corners, there is a set of 9 shelves, a carpet and a large table. Right now, that section houses the reference collection and half of the makerspace materials. The goal is to move the reference collection to another part of the library by the late spring to make room for the rest of the makerspace materials.

Fortunately, I have an administrator that has provided funds and is supportive of the makerspace in the library. With Common Core Standards, project-based learning and STEM becoming part of a school’s culture, a makerspace can fit into all of these initiatives in education. This project can only grow as we move forward into new trends of education.


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