Thing 13: School Library Web Presence

School Library Web Presence

A school library needs a web presence because it has so many roles in the school community. The school library is a place for information, collaboration, creation, literacy, programs and more. A one-stop shop is needed to house all the information and resources the library provides to teachers, families and schools.

When I started my teaching job in 2013, I made a school library website with Weebly. Now in my second year, I still love the Weebly format. It is easy to update and post new information, and the site is user-friendly. There are seperate sections for students, teachers, events/programs, reading/books and more. But, looking at other websites, there are some areas where the website could be improved:

  • Have more of a student voice on the site. This could include book reviews or showcase student work (complete this year)
  • Add pages for the makerspace and newspaper club (complete this year)
  • Post more photos of the library, school and students. Right now, the site only has a Wordle as the front picture (complete ASAP)
  • Switch all my resources to the LibGuides format from LiveBinders (complete in the summer)

There are a few things about Weebly that I do not like, but not enough to change the format in the near future: the free trial has limited options for design and it is not compatible in some browsers more than others.

Professional Presence

In this week’s lesson, I also looked at my professional portfolio to see how it could be improved. In 2012, it was a requirement from my grad school to create and maintain a professional portfolio. I used WordPress, and I have an active blog on the website.

However, I noticed the site only focuses on my graduate work, with not much from my current job. I have updated my resume, but have not added effective lesson plans, certifications or PD courses taught or completed.

I need to change my portfolio name to “Graduate Portfolio” and add a “Professional Portfolio” section. This is a project I hope to have completed by this fall.

Additionally, I use Twitter and LinkedIn for professional social networks. I created an AboutMe site, posting all the links to my professional accounts. I realize I must update this site more, but this will be another project to complete by fall. It’s helpful to have all accounts on one site.


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