Thing 22: Creating A Resource Guide Part 2

For this part of the lesson, I have decided to use Pinterest to curate resources and links. I have only used this tool as a personal network, but I am curious to make it a professional part of my network.

Recently, teachers have asked me for more resources to help educate students about copyright and plagiarism. Teachers will be my audience. Copyright and plagiarism resources will be my topics. Pinterest is the way to share the resources.

I selected Pinterest because teachers are continually sharing recipes or home-decorating tips gathered from Pinterest. I hope that if they already use this tool frequently, they might look at the Pinterest board I created about copyright and resources. These are heavy topics, but there are some excellent pins that break down the information for teachers.

I will put this board on the library’s website and in my signature for email. I’m contemplating using Pinterest for a digital citizenship board. I am not ready to use Pinterest for students yet. Maybe next year.

Here is the link for the Pinterest board:


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