Goals For The 2014-15 Academic Year

Looking through this blog recently, I realized I have not written down my goals for the new school year. They are in my head, but not down on virtual paper yet. So, here they are:

  • Weed video collection, professional collection, picture-book collection and reference collection (I have completed the first two, and plan to start the picture-book collection in December)
  • Order books that support STEAM initiatives and order more non-fiction/fiction students want. Last year, it was recommended to order books from the EngageNY recommended reading list, but many of those books were not checked out, no matter how many book talks or promotion I did. This year, I am resolved to order books that support the standards, but with content that students want. We have a book-request Google form that students use
  • Differentiate lessons for each class. With an influx of new students and transfers, we have students that learn in different ways. I want students to learn, so I am stepping outside my comfort zone to teach best how students learn. This has been going well so far
  • Bring the primary grades into the computer lab earlier this year. Last year, they didn’t step foot into the lab until January. This year, we started in November
  • Match lessons to the IFC standards and teach topics that students want to learn/find exciting. I do not want to teach all my lessons to match the content in the modules. Some, but not all.
  • Provide one literary event per quarter for all students to participate in
  • Use LibGuides and new tech tools
  • Try a Digital Citizenship blended learning course with sixth-graders using Schoology

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