A Day In The Life: 11/14/14

In the 2013-14 school year, Fridays I did not have any scheduled classes. Time was spent collaborating, lesson-planning and organizing the library. This year, my goal was maximize the way my time was spent Fridays. Though the day is busy, Fridays are my favorite days of the week; it is spent collaborating and co-teaching. Here is what my day looked like yesterday:

7-8:30: Catalog another shipment of books that arrived at the library this week, specifically seeing if the books are Accelerated Reader or not

8:30-8:50: Check-in students on my caseload

9-10: Starting next week, I will push in with a 5th and 6th-grade social-studies class for co-teaching. Fridays, students will come to the lab/library for project-based learning. I am so excited to start this collaboration with one of the school’s special-education teachers

10-10:30: UPK class

10:30-11: UPK class

11-11:30: Catalog new books

11:30-12:10: Second-grade lunch group. The school psychologist and myself see a group of second-graders each week during their lunch

12:10-12:50: My lunch

12:50-1:30: Fifth-grade enrichment group. Students finished independent research projects, and they presented in the library for their peers

1:30-2: UPK

2-2:30: UPK

2:30-3:10: Writer’s Workshop for 4th grade. One of the fourth-grade teachers is a published author. Students love his books and started to ask me questions about this. Some even have started to write their own short stories. To answer all the questions the students had, the teacher agreed to host a workshop in the library. We had about 40 students attend this, and it was wonderful to see students engaged and happy.

3:10-3:40: Call buses

3:40-4:40: Volunteer for the walk/run after school club at school

4:40-6: Collaborate with a teacher who needs resources/websites for a project


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