A Day In The Life

Every so often, I receive this question: “What do you do in the library all day?” Honestly, each day is always different. They are never the same. Below is what happened this Tuesday.

7 a.m. – Arrive at school. Turn on computers and prepare lessons for the days

730-830 – Participate in a study group for Professional Learning Communities. This group meets twice a week until March

830-850 – Check-in some students on my caseload. A group of students come down to me daily for behavior goals

850-930 – My official planning period. Provide support for students coming in for book exchange, start to catalog a new shipment of books that came in

930-1010 – Class

1010-1050 – Catalog new books

1050-1130 – Class

1130-110 – Lunch, catalog new books, help set up for a fourth-grade presentation in the library

110-310 – 3 classes

310-340 – Call buses

340-415 – pull books for book talks later this week, pack up to go home


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