Summer Update For The Library Media Center and Life in General

Looking back on some goals for the summer, there has been some excellent progress in many goals I have made. Here is where I am for goals:

  • Move into new apartment and get settled: All set with this. The move into the new apartment was accomplished in two days for moving, unpacking, cleaning and shopping. The new apartment feels like home, and the view of the courtyard is significantly improved over the view of a parking lot. 
  • Label genres for the Dewey-free fiction chapter book section of the library and move to appropriate shelves (All the categories have been labeled in the catalog and the section weeded over the past few months). Last week, I moved all the fiction books to the spots on the shelves. I made a color-coded chart, and now I only have to put the stickers on the books. This should take about half a day to complete. 
  • Prepare and implement the beginnings of a makerspace. I have a list of items to buy and am currently building a webpage to go along with the space. I need to make a newsletter for students, teachers and school community about this. 
  • Tie half of the IFC standards to the curriculum map for PreK-6. Still working on this one. I will be collaborating with teachers later in August. Once I have an idea what teachers want to work on, this will be easier. 
  • Jazz up the library’s website with a new theme and pictures of new library space. I have updated the look of the site, as well as the content. Still need to add new pictures, but the library needs to be cleaned. Once that is done, pictures go up. 

Next week, I am going on vacation to Boston and Newport. I’m so excited to see all the libraries, museums and cultural centers these places have to offer. Also, I am completing another MOOC through Coursera: Copyright for Librarians and Educators. I’m liking this online class so far. 


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