Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Recently, I’ve seen many peers begin a 30-day blogging challenge. Wanting to document the last month of my first year, why not start now? I hope this way will be a good way to reflect on the last month of school before summer vacation hits.

I cannot think of a particular topic for the first post, but people always ask: “What do you do all day?” So, here is a breakdown of a typical Tuesday:

7:15-8:15: Continue to weed through non-fiction collection. Delete materials from catalog

8:15-9: Set up for testing in the morning, hall duty, answer some emails, take books down from a display in the hall

9-10: Tech support for STAR, squeeze in two mini-meetings with teachers about projects

10-10:30: Lesson with UPK

10:30-11: Clean up from UPK, pull books for a teacher, set up for SRI

11-11:45: Tech support for 4th Grade SRI

11:45-12:30: Planning, lunch and helping some kids in the library with questions about citations

12:30-3:10: Lessons for K-3 back-to-back, plus open book exchange

3:10-3:40: Call buses with special-area team

3:40-4: Catch up on some email, prepare papers for next day


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