Afternoon Adventures in Syracuse

I love literary adventures. A book that transports me to a new world. A story that challenges me to think outside the box. I also love real adventures. Exploring new places. Seeing familiar sites from a different perspective. That is what the Syracuse Downtown Living Tour did for me this past weekend.

Presented by the Downtown Committee of Syracuse, the event invites people to tour highlighted places in and near the city. Tours are for people possibly considering to live downtown, or people like myself that were curious to see what’s inside the buildings I pass by regularly. There condos and apartment units that were occupied, available or about to begin a revitalization project.

It was phenomenal to see buildings that were move-in ready, waiting for a person to make the place a home. But, my favorite part consisted of buildings that were underway with construction and historic preservation. These buildings still have a story to tell, about to embark on a new chapter of its history. It was so neat to imagine what the place would look like and how it would fit into downtown.

Going on this tour made me love Syracuse even more. I was given the opportunity to look at these buildings, inside and out, from a new perspective. Who lived here before? Who will live here in the future? I was able to imagine myself living in one condo right across from the downtown library, an apartment right next to The MOST or in a unit that has a café in the same building. It was breath-taking to sit on a bench on a rooftop patio, looking out on the horizon as I saw familiar Syracuse sites. The Dome, Tipp Hill, Sacred Heart Basilica, the reservoir, Onondaga Lake. I went on a fantastical adventure this past Saturday afternoon.




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