Impressions of Schoology: Part 1

Recently, my school district purchased Schoology for students and staff. Though the usage of this content-management system (CMS) is in the initial stage, I wanted to get a head-start to learn the program. How does one do this? Simply explore, try functions and click on features of the site.

Being on the administrative, help-desk and students usage side of other CMSs like Blackboard, Coursesite, Moodle, Edmodo and ANGEL, I was happy to discover Schoology was similar to those. It has a Facebook-ish appeal to Edmodo, but the admin side works like Blackboard and Coursesites.

Courses work for academic content, attendance and students, while Groups work well for professional collaboration and sharing of resources. I like that the notifications center is on the home page. It shows new messages and requests so you can’t miss them.

Another strong positive to Schoology is that the CMS is social. You can upload a profile picture, add contact information or add a bio. Like Facebook, users can comment and like on a new post. Users can also upload apps like Google Drive, DropBox, Evernote and Khan Academy, plus much more. As a faithful user of Google Drive, I love this feature.

Some questions that came up as I explored the site:

–What browser works best with this?

–What grade levels could this work for most effectively? Will my younger grades understand what’s happening?

–How can I use this site to enhance the library and my specific classes?

–How can I use this for collaboration with PLC and PBL?

–Can I migrate content between courses and copy another course into a new one?


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