Weeding Update For Dewey-Free Fiction Chapter Books

It’s done. Weeding through the fiction collection is done. After months of looking at data and the physical books, I can finally move and label the books into genres.

Already, it looks like the shelves can breathe. No more overcrowding, no more stuffing books to fit.

Right now, I’m going through the books on the catalog to tag a genre for each book. I have about 400 more books to go. Then, it’s labeling the books with a colored piece of tape and moving them to the appropriate sections. This is going to be a summer job.

The fiction-books collection had about 4,000 books. After weeding, the collection is down to about 3,000. Books that we’re falling apart, had irrelevant information or had not circulated in 3 years went away.

It took some time to decide what genres should be in the library. First, I listened. Students kept asking, “Where are the mystery books? Where are the fantasy books?” Now, their questions will be answered. The genres now include: fantasy, humor, sports, series, historical fiction, mystery, horror, science fiction and realistic fiction.

Though this has been a long process, it’s another step closer to the place where I want my students to learn, collaborate and visit.


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