Where Did The Last Year Ago?

A year ago, I was board-approved for my job. A year later, the first year of teaching is almost done. Yet, there is still much to do. Between library duties, I am moving into a new apartment with the boyfriend at the end of May. Every weekend until July there seems to be a family birthday, a wedding or a shower. It’s time to get my butt into gear and make the all-famous checklist.

I’m finally to that point where I am confident with my skills and being a professional. It took almost a whole school year to achieve this. It was scary, yet exciting to meet students and colleagues in September. Now, I look forward to conversations with other teachers and love seeing the students smile every day.

It will be good to have the first year under my belt. I cannot wait until summer vacation to put better lessons and more ideas into motion. I’m ready to make next year better already, filled with good books, increased student engagement and more teacher collaborations.

Here are goals this summer:

  • Move into new apartment and get settled
  • Label genres for the Dewey-free fiction chapter book section of the library and move to appropriate shelves (All the categories have been labeled in the catalog and the section weeded over the past few months) 
  • Prepare and implement the beginnings of a makerspace
  • Tie half of the IFC standards to the curriculum map for PreK-6
  • Jazz up the library’s website with a new theme and pictures of new library space

After looking at this list, I wondered if this was too much to bite off this summer. But I plan to spend most days 8-3 in the library while school is open this summer. To achieve the vision I want for the library, it’s going to be a long, but worthwhile summer.

What did I achieve this year? It took some reflection to see what goals I had in September that have been accomplished, and the list is not too bad for a first year:

  • Collaborate with the grade levels at least once
  • Weed fiction collection
  • Create and maintain a group of daily library helpers
  • Build a library website
  • Develop a tech club

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