Part 3: Data-Driven Instruction Within The Library Media Center

Here is the list of seven spreadsheets for grades K-6 that showcase the Information Fluency Continuum Standards. Each spreadsheet is separated into the three chief components of the standards:

Starting in September 2014, I plan to fully implement these spreadsheets as part of my data process. After having a year of teaching under my belt, I’m more confident with the library’s curriculum and where students are with skills. For each lesson or project, I will check off each standard that students learn and master. It will be helpful to see what skills students have mastered, or what areas need extra reinforcement.

These spreadsheets will be helpful around report-card time. I will have solid evidence of which to base a student’s grade. Right now, these standards are not on students’ report cards. However, at a recent PD day, there was a conversation about sending special-area standards home for each grade level so families know how students are assessed for the next school year.

That conversation made me wonder if the standards should be posted on the library’s website. I thought yes. So, there is now an updated schedule, policies and grading page on the site. The page was updated with my grading policies. Now, it shows what two grades students receive on report cards: one for effort and one for standards. It also has links to the Google Spreadsheets for each grade’s set of IFC standards.


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