Thing 7: Podcasting & Screencasting

For this lesson, I chose to look at AudioBoo. I love how user-friendly and simple it is to use this tool. Not much equipment is needed. After playing around with this tool, I came up with a list of ways to use this with my students. Here is the list:

  • Book reviews. Our school has adopted the EngageNY modules. Within those modules, there are lists of recommended texts for students to read besides the texts for the module. Students could select books from the list to read and create a podcast of the book instead of writing a report or blog post. This could even be done for books students read for fun
  • Sub plans. Instead of subs verbally giving students directions, I could create a podcast with Audioboo to explain directions to students for the library special.
  • Lessons. Many times throughout the year, students will ask how to search the catalog or how to use the library’s book request form. Instead of showing students each time, they could use a screencast recording for directions to complete the task
  • Class introductions. There are about 600 students I see on a weekly basis. At times, it is a challenge to remember names and interests of each student. Students could record a snippet using Audioboo to record some information to help me become better acquainted with them. They could share favorite books, activities or sports
  • Teacher-focused assistance. Aubioboo could be used for podcasts for teachers for simple things such as: how to sign-out a laptop cart or reserve time in the computer lab using the Outlook calendar
  • Week-in-review. I could upload a recording to the library’s blog each week to showcase what we will learn during library special for the week

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