Thing 5: Digital Storytelling and Presentation Tools

This has been a fun week for Cool Tools For School. It was good to see many familiar Web 2.0 tools. Prezi for student lectures, Animoto for events at schools, Voki on the library’s website and Storify for tweets from conferences.

HaikuDeck was one tool that sparked my interest. I have heard of this tool before, but never used it. After looking at the site and watching the how-to videos, I want to try this tool for my next professional presentation instead of Prezi or Google Presenter.

I’ve wanted to make a digital-safety presentation with the Tech Club, and I like the way HaikuDeck presents itself. It appears user-friendly, and has a simplistic and innovative look.

At school, we have tried a few of the items on the list. We have used Animoto to highlight events that happen at the library. We have used Voki for student introductions. We have used Prezi to showcase research projects. I would like to use Voki or VoiceThread more.

This year, students have learned that research and citations are important, but how the information is presented matters, too. We only have one chance to impress with a presentation, and it’s vital students have the tools necessary to showcase research or projects with innovation, creativity and imagination. Tools like these on Thing 5 make a topic exciting; it invites listeners and helps visual learners.

This week at Granby, second-graders participated in two videoconferences with classes from different schools. One school was located in Central New York, and another located in New Jersey. We read The Mitten by Jan Brett, made mitten crafts, research animals using PebbleGo and videoconferenced our info/projects with the schools. During the events, we took pictures to upload into an Animoto.


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