Thing 4: RSS, Personal Home Pages and Feed Readers

I first heard of RSS during a contemporary issues journalism class in undergrad at Brockport. Most of my classmates did not use this tool, but we started to collaborate as how RSS feeders could be beneficial from a journalistic side. We could add RSS feeders for our student newspaper’s webpage, but would students use the tool? I knew of RSS feeders, but did not use them often then.

From 2005-2009 (my undergrad career), mobile-device usage was not too popular for social networks. Sure, students had laptops and old-fashioned flip phones in 2005. Eventually, social-media usage became more popular, as well as the usage of tablets and smartphones.

When I first read the post for Thing 4, I was a bit skeptical about using another social tool when I have accounts for so many others. But after completing the activities for this week’s lesson, I have realized the advantages of an RSS feed.

I am an avid Twitter user. I started to click links I found interesting on tweets. Once on that website, I subscribed to the RSS feed. I completed this step for more sites and blogs I follow. 

It has proved to save time searching through Twitter and clicking links from my favorites on Chrome. Instead of sifting through hundreds of tweets or links, I go to my RSS feed to discover if there is any new content or interesting updated links.

I do not see myself using RSS feeds as a personal tool, but rather a professional tool. I plan to add an RSS feed to my school library’s blog for parents, the community and students to use to learn about updates and events, as well as my professional site for new blog posts. I also noticed that I used the RSS feed more with my iPhone and iPad, rather than my library’s computer.


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